Wiil you JOIN THEM?

Here is a post from: http://illuminativip.com/

After you read this, here is the proposing question …

Will you join them in order to gain the WORLD?


The Illuminati Logo

The Illuminati is the secret society responsible for the development of the cultural operating system behind every decisions, big or small, you have ever made in your entire life.

A select, yet growing group of massively successful entrepreneurs, musicians, actors and other high-ranking social placeholders make up the Illuminati. The Illuminati takes away the freedom of the individual to define their own place in the world without being subject to mass mind-control by defining the news we are exposed to, the music we listen to (which is often packed with subliminal messaging) and the products we purchase, the chemicals in the water we drink and more.

It is time to take back control of your mind and reach your full potential without it being suppressed by the Illuminati for their own financial gain. To stay up to date as new information is uncovered regarding ways in which you are being controlled and how you can avoid it, general Illuminati news, new Illuminati members to watch out for and other relevant updates, subscribe to our email list. You will receive a free Illuminati update every single week.

Unfortunately, most people will never be exposed to the content you now have access to as one of the lucky few that have ended up on this website. Their minds will forever be controlled by the Illuminati and they will be none the wiser.

So, I can hear you asking, “What difference will it make in my life to no longer be controlled by the Illuminati?” The truth is, you are either one or the other. Once the level of control they have over you decreases after several months of email subscription, the tables will turn and you will become Illuminated. You will feel your state of mind and outlook on the universe change and once you apply your new-found mind set to your artistic, business, athletic or personal goals, you achieve success far faster than you ever thought possible and on a scale that you used to think was only for the rich and famous. The only difference between an Illuminati Member and a member of the propagandized masses is drive – they are empowered to free themselves of the aspects of their lives that are counter productive and apply 100% of their focus to achieving greatness.

Transforming yourself to become a member of the New World Order is likely to result in you deeply relating to the traditional Illuminati Symbolism that once seemed completely crazy to you. Consider the concept of a Triangle – it has forever been recognized as the strongest geometric shape. The concept of triangles and the Illuminati simply relates to having the unimportant masses beneath the enlightened few. Another simple way to explain the mindset of an Illuminati Member is to compare it to a tree in a rainforest, fighting to reach the light in the canopy and disregarding the trees beneath them that never quite had the drive to push beyond mediocre growth.

You can’t beat the Illuminati, but through us you are now able to join them.


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